Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement


Parents/guardians (hereafter referred to as “parents”) are an integral part of the instructional program and, while final decisions about curriculum are left to the teachers, they have the opportunity to be involved in decisions affecting their child’s education. They are expected to take an active role in the educational process through weekly participation on the campus.  That participation can take many forms, including facilitating small group work, teaching whole class lessons in which they share special interests or skills, and assisting the teacher in ways that serve the individual classroom or the school as a whole.  While the default is to volunteer in the classroom, parent participation in the classroom is at the teachers’ discretion.  If a teacher feels the classroom participation is not serving the community, then that parent will be given other responsibilities.


The second component of parent involvement at GFS is the Goleta Family School Parent Teacher Association, or PTA.  The GFS PTA is a non-profit organization under the umbrella of the California PTA and is subject to the same regulations. The primary role of a PTA is to build strong working relationships among parents, teachers, and schools, in support of students. In particular, the GFS PTA works to support the teachers in carrying out the curricular goals of the program. Monthly PTA meetings make it possible for every parent to have a voice, to raise concerns and engage in creative problem solving with other parents and with the teachers.  Every parent will be assigned to a Goleta Family School PTA committee, based on his or her interests and talents. These committees, which fall generally into the categories of enrichment, fundraising, community building, and outreach, are absolutely essential to the day-to-day operations of GFS. GFS families are expected to consider the way their individual gifts and interests can best serve the community and follow through on that commitment. The vital importance of parent participation in carrying out the curricular goals of the program cannot be overstated. The program won’t work without committed parent involvement, both in the classroom and as part of the GFS PTA.


GFS is a community in which students, parents, and teachers are actively involved in teaching and learning from one another. Everyone shares in community decisions and responsibilities.  Through cooperative involvement in learning, each student, parent, and staff member is a partner in GFS.


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