Babysitting Guidelines

Babysitting Guidelines

The Goleta Family School PTA organizes babysitting for two mandatory events per year to help parents who cannot easily arrange babysitting themselves. If you have other babysitting options, PLEASE use them! Otherwise we may not be able to accommodate the families who truly need this service. We will do our best to get experienced babysitters who are familiar with the GFS community, but not all babysitters will be familiar with GFS. We will provide them with babysitting guidelines as approved by the GFS PTA and teachers, but parents need to understand that these babysitters might not be able to offer the GFS experience our community is used to. Please adjust your expectations accordingly and make the best decision for your family.


Guidelines for Parents
• There will be at least two unrelated babysitters present at all times, regardless of the number of children present.
• The babysitting ratio will be 7 children to 1 adult for children ages 6-10. The ratio will be 5 children to 1 adult for children ages 3-5.
• Babysitting is not available for children not toilet trained or under age 3. Babysitters will not change diapers.
• Reservations are REQUIRED by the deadline provided by the babysitting coordinator. NO EXCEPTIONS.
• Children may not be brought to a babysitting event without a reservation.
• Cost is $10 per child
• Payment is due at sign-in, and will be given directly to the babysitters. Fees will not be collected by the PTA.

• Children must remain in the designated area during the entire time babysitting is being provided. Children may not play on the playground or leave the room unless accompanied by an adult and only for reasons specified by the babysitters.
• Babysitters will not leave the area for any reason other than to remove a child for behavioral or emergency issues. If parents are concerned about how their child is getting along, it is their responsibility to come check in.
• A movie followed by activities will be provided during babysitting hours. Children must sit quietly in the area for the duration of the movie, and must either watch the movie, or do another very quiet activity, such as silent reading or drawing that does not distract from the movie. They are then to remain in the area and take part in the designated activities.
• Snacks may or may not be provided, but all children must participate in group clean-upafter the event.
• During any designated “free play” time, the children are to abide by all GFS rules of respect, which include listening to the babysitters, and gentle and respectful play with their peers.
• Please go over the guidelines for children (below) WITH your children and make sure they understand what is expected of them.
•  At the discretion of the babysitters, children with disruptive behavior will be sent immediately to their parents, and may not be permitted to return to babysitting at later events for the remainder of the year. Should your child be asked not to return, refunds will not be provided.
• Children must be signed both in and out by the parent or guardian picking them up on theform provided.

Guidelines for Children
• You are expected to stay in the area of babysitting and not leave for any reason without permission. This includes going to the bathroom or getting a drink.
• You are expected to sit quietly during the movie and play only during any designated “free play” time.
•  All children must participate in group clean-up after the event.
• You are expected to listen to the babysitters and treat them with respect.
• You are expected to treat all your GFS friends with respect and kindness.
• If you are not able to follow the rules, you will be brought to your parent.

Guidelines for Babysitters
• Goleta Family School prides itself on being a close-knit community where our childrencreate bonds in a multi-age setting and learn to treat each other with kindness and respect. Please remind them of this whenever you see possible conflicts arise.
• Please read over our parent and children guidelines (above) to familiarize yourself with these expectations.
• Please stay with the children at all times and clearly articulate to them the boundaries within which you expect them to stay. They will also be told ahead of time what the boundaries are.
• If a child is too disruptive to remain, take them ONLY to their parents.
• Clearly designate “movie time” from “free play time” or any other activity time so the children know what is expected of them.
• Please maintain awareness of all the children at all times. If one child is requiring individual attention for an unusually long time, please inform his or her parent immediately.
• Put an immediate stop to yelling, hitting, roughhousing, or other disruptive, unkind, or unsafe behaviors. You may remove a child from babysitting to his or her parent at your discretion.
• Make sure that children are signed in and out by the parent/guardian on the sheet that also keeps track of payment.

Thank You


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