Tribes Treats

Tribes Treats

A healthy snack is provided daily to every GFS student through the generosity and support of parents. Every family is required to provide snack for the entire school for one week of the school year. In exchange for providing snack for one week, your child eats snack for the entire year. Every year a roster is provided with your assigned week, allowing plenty of time for you to prepare and or make schedule changes as needed.


The area around GFS has an ongoing ant problem. Because of this, a large tub is provided for the snack. We ask that all foods be securely wrapped and then put into that tub. At the end of the snack period, all leftovers, as well as the plates used to serve the snack, will be returned to the tub. Families are responsible for taking the dishes home, washing them, and returning them the next day


Snack time is from 10:30-10:45. Please make sure your snack is on the table outside Room 8 no later than 10:00 am. You are not required to set the food out on the plates, but it is extremely helpful if you include some instructions, if it’s not obvious, as to how the snack should be distributed.


Below find some guidelines regarding the planning, purchase, and preparation of snack.

  • You are providing enough food for approximately 72 people.
  • Estimated cost of $175 if you prepare it all.
  • Estimated cost of $175-275 if you buy it all prepared.
  • The goal is a low- to no-waste snack, both in terms of quantity and packaging.
  • Please prepare everything in advance, including cutting items, opening cans, or peeling fruit.
  • Ideally the snack should consist of 1 protein, 1 grain, 1 veggie, and 1 fruit per person.
  • If your assigned week does not work for you then call and trade with another family and tell the Snack Coordinator.
  • In accordance with GUSD food guidelines, please strictly limit sweets.
  • If you offer yogurt, bring paper cups and plastic spoons.
  • If you bring meat, cut it into small pieces.