Tribe Duties

Tribe Duties

In addition to your classroom parent participation, you are required to participate on a Tribe, which is like a small workgroup or committee.

Every parent will be assigned to a Goleta Family School PTA Tribe, based on his or her interests and talents. These committees, which fall generally into the categories of enrichment, fundraising, community building, and outreach, are absolutely essential to the day-to-day operations of GFS. GFS families are expected to consider the way their individual gifts and interests can best serve the community and follow through on that commitment. The vital importance of parent participation in carrying out the curricular goals of the program cannot be overstated. The program won’t work without committed parent involvement.

Our GFS community offers a variety of community building, social, educational, promotional, and fundraising events throughout the year. These events enrich your child’s school experience, give parents an opportunity to support the school in meaningful ways, and help keep GFS strong for the next generation.

Each Tribe is organized around a general theme, and has a set of responsibilities, including fundraising activities and events to produce during the year. There are from 2 to approximately 12 parents in each Tribe. These groups meet throughout the year, either in person or via email, to ensure the successful execution of their assigned duties. Each Tribe has a leader to coordinate these events. You can expect that your dedication to GFS through Tribe participation will be both rewarding and fun, especially when you witness how this work impacts your child’s educational experience.

Brief descriptions of the GFS Tribes

Earthlings: Nurtures our love of nature and help us be good stewards of our environment. Activities include rummage sale, garden maintenance, garden workday coordination, and shed management.

Hospitality: Nourishes and enriches our GFS community. Activities include coordinating with Foothill for the teacher appreciation lunches, hospitality at various events, and the Winter Sing bake sale.

Outreach: Helps our school maintain positive relationships with our broader community. Activities include Move-A-Thon fundraiser, prospective parent nights, rummage sale advertising, and bulletin board display.

Arts: Offers its inspiration and talents to a school that values creative expression. Activities include kids’ winter marketplace crafts, support for GFS plays and productions, photojournalism and yearbook, garden workday craft projects for kids and coordinating gala classroom projects.

Technology: Maintains our website and helps us use technology to serve our school. Activities include maintaining computers, printers and iPads, managing the GFS website, DJ-ing and emceeing GFS events. This is a small, handpicked tribe.

Homies: Makes our school a “homey” place to learn and grow. Activities include all-school lunches, quarterly snacks in the teachers’ lounge, and the Winter Sing dinner.

Treasure: Coordinates fun fundraising activities that make our school rich in resources. Activities include Axxess book sales, campus store, gala coordination and production, Winter Sing coordination and production, alumni letter campaign and eScrip.

Please note that included activities are subject to change.